Wooleya farinosa

The genus Wooleya has never had more than one species, which is rather uncommon.
The plants occur only on the sandy coastal plains of Namaqualand near the sea, where there is regular fog. They become up to half a meter tall and up to 70 cm in diameter. The leaves look as if they are covered in flour (farinosa means just that).

Photographed at Hondeklipbaai, 31 March 2012.

woolfari 7453#2012-03-31res

woolfari 7455#2012-03-31res

woolfari 7456#2012-03-31res

woolfari 7460#2012-03-31res

woolfari 7454#2012-03-31res

woolfari 7462#2012-03-31res

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