Euphorbia tuberosa

This is a member of a small group of geophytic Euphorbias. It is found on sandy or stony flats and slopes from Vanrhynsdorp to Swellendam and has underground tubers up to 2.5 cm thick which can form large groups. The leaves are 2-5 cm long with usually undulate margins. The flowers are usually present from June to September.




2 thoughts on “Euphorbia tuberosa”

  1. Good to see them in their natural home. Have had two E.tuberosas, killed both.
    In my opinion, they couldn’t handle even my very sparing watering.
    How much of rain they face in the habitat?
    Stunning photos, thanks.

    1. I have not been able to find any rainfall data, but I would think somewhere between 200 and 400 mm per year. Judging from your words it seems possible that you kept them too dry in the growing period, rather than too wet.

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