Glottiphyllum fergusoniae (2)

I lied to you yesterday. Not on purpose, but as a result of sloppiness. Sorry, sorry.
I told you I had never before seen Glottiphyllum fergusoniae in the wild, but in the meantime I found out that this is not true. When I published my post yesterday, I did not think too much of it. Actually I had been working on another subject, but that took much more time then I had envisaged, so I decided to follow the easy route and just publish a few recent pictures with little commentary.
Much to my surprise a lot of people apparently liked the post, which in turn prompted me to have another look at the pictures. Then it dawned upon me that I had seen similar plants in late June this year. Because I still lived in Calitzdorp at the time, I came from the east, which fact supposedly prevented me from making the mental connection. Looking at the map it became clear that the two localities involved are only about 40 kms apart. I had ID’ed the June plants as G. surrectum, but in hindsight I did not pay proper attention to the fact that the leaves in that species are distichous (in two opposite rows) rather than decussate (in crossed pairs).
The following pictures show you plants from the eastern locality.

glotferg 8609

glotferg 8608

glotferg  8605

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