Othonna auriculifolia 1

Tuberous Othonnas are not very common in cultivation, mainly due I suppose because they are difficult to propagate. Taking cuttings is not really an option and seeds are hard to get and to germinate. It can hardly be caused by lack of appeal, as the following pictures will hopefully show you.
O. auriculifolia is quite widespread in nature, from the Bokkeveld Mountains to Uniondale on stony, clayey or sandy slopes and flats.
The flowerheads are about 2 cm across and appear from April to September. The ray florets are always bright yellow, but the central ones may also be a darker yellow or even a very dark, almost black, purple.


othoauri 5549

othoauri 2009-06-06 2035

othoauri 1774

More pictures to follow.

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