Crassula alstonii

It is probably safe to say that C. alstonii cannot be confused with any other plant species because of its unique appearance. The leaves are arranged in two rows and closely adpressed – at least in nature; in cultivation this is difficult to maintain. Each of the almost spherical rosettes is 2-5 cm in diameter.
The plants are found in northern Namaqualand, from just south of Lekkersing to near Komaggas, where they grow on low, gently sloping hills usually covered with quartzite gravel. This is a rather restricted distribution area, but in some places the plants are quite common.

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crasalst 2011_10_05 e.v.#264

crasalst 2011_10_05 e.v.#262

crasalst 7534 2012-04-02

crasalst 7523#2012-04-02

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