Aloe perfoliata (1)

In 2000, Glen and Hardy came to the conclusion that Aloe comptonii, A. distans and A. mitriformis were to be united, under the old name A. perfoliata.
This species is most common in the Little Karoo, bur occurs from the Bokkeveld Mountains in the northwest  to Genadendal in the south and Uitenhage in the east. The plants are usually found on sandstone or quartzitic outcrops  where they often hang down vertical cliffs with stems up to 3 m long. The leaves are bluish-green and up to 25 cm long.
The flowers vary from dull orange-red to bright red and appear from August to February.

aloeperf 0184
aloeperf 2181
aloeperf 2012-10-06 8023
aloeperf 2006-02-15-0042
aloeperf 2011-05-04_DSC5560

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