Bulbine mesembryanthoides (part 2 of 3)

One often comes across the name of the species as Bulbine mesembryanthemoides, but because Haworth used the spelling mesembryanthoides in his original description, this has to be accepted as correct.

Subspecies mesembryanthoides has a small underground tuber and usually 1-2
leaves (rarely up to 4). The leaves are cylindrical, 1-2.5 cm tall and up to 2 cm in diameter. As soon as the dry summer period arrives, they start to whither.
Flowers appear in spring and summer (Augustus-November), usually after the leaves have retracted. Each plant may have 1-3 inflorescences up to 20 cm tall.
This subspecies occurs widespread from the Knersvlakte in southern Namaqualand to Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape on rocky slopes and flats.

bulbmesemes 1773-Edit

bulbmesemes 20141123-9549


bulbmesemes 2014 11 23-9551

bulbmesemes 20141123-9539


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