Bulbine haworthioides

Comparing the first three pictures (taken in the wild) to the fourth (taken in cultivation), it may be hard to believe that they represent the same species.

The plants occur in quartz gravel on hillocks on the southwestern Knersvlakte.
They are geophytes, with a tuber up to 1.5 cm tall and 2 cm wide and 8-14 leaves,  which are about 5 mm wide and die back at flowering.
The inflorescence is to 15 cm tall, with about 10 flowers, appearing in late spring / early summer (October-November).

bulbhawo 2010-08-27#114

bulbhawo 2010-08-27#110

bulbhawo 2010-08-27#070

bulbhawo scan

bulbhawobloem2 scan

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