Crassula orbicularis (part 1 of 2)

Depending on the  environmental conditions, this species produces few to many  rosettes with long runners, often forming dense groups up to over a metre in diameter.
Each rosette has 10-12 flattened and slightly fleshy leaves, which have a dense row of hairs along the edges and are green to brownish green, sometimes partially tinged pink to red.
The size of the leaf varies from 8 to 80 (sometimes even 100) mm long and 4 to 20 (-26) mm wide, again depending on environmental conditions.
The inflorescence  is  up to 20 cm tall, with  small flowers (white  to pale yellow, often with pink or reddish brown hue) appearing in June to November.

The species is widespread from Worcester to the eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal,
usually in sheltered southern slopes under rocks or bushes; often on rocky outcrops in forested areas.

This photo and the next two ones were taken in the Little Karoo

crasorbi 2005-06-07 004

crasorbi 2011-04-17228



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