Adromischus maculatus

In spite of its name, the green to greyish-brown leaves in this species are not always spotted.
The plants are found on high sandstone slopes and outcrops in the Langeberg Mountains, from the Worcester area to north of George and along the Swartberg Mountains from Prince Albert to around Uniondale as well as near Beaufort West.
The horny margin that runs all around the leaf is a useful character to distinguish the species from similar ones, esp. A. triflorus.

adromacu 2010-07-14#027

adromacu Scan95

adromacu 2010-09-10#436

adromacu 2010-09-10#440

Adromischus filicaulis (part 2: ssp. marlothii)

The only substantial difference between the two subspecies seems to be the fact that ssp. marlothii has stilt-roots. Other differences are more a matter of gradation. The first picture represents what to my mind is the most common (and not terribly attractive) form.
This subspecies is found mainly in the Little Karoo and adjacent areas (from Worcester to east of Oudtshoorn), but occasionally also on the Knersvlakte. It prefers dry rocky slopes, usually in the shade of rocks or other plants.

adrofilimar 8636
adrofilimar 7788#2012-05-09
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Adromischus filicaulis (part 1: ssp. filicaulis)

Adromischus filicaulis is widespread (occurring from Namibia to Uniondale) and often common. It is also extremely variable.
The subspecies filicaulis is found from southern Namibia to east of Vanrhynsdorp; it most often grows on rocky outcrops and gravelly slopes and usually has erect stems.

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