Cheiridopsis pillansii

This species is a common sight on low outcrops in the Richtersveld, from north of Lekkersing to the Augrabiesberg, and forms compact clumps up to 20 cm in diameter.
This is a winter rainfall area with less than 100 mm rain per year.
The flowers are 5-6 cm in diameter and range from white and yellow to orange-red, sometimes with a puplish tinge. They appear in winter and spring.

cheipill 2011-07-12_DSC5949

cheipill 2011-07-12_DSC6010

cheipill 2011-07-12_DSC5988

cheipill 2011-07-12_DSC6008

Cheiridopsis peculiaris

A most peculiar (hence the name, indeed) species with leaf pairs (usually2-3) totally different in shape and position. If there is space to do so the lower pair lies flat on the ground. These rare plants occur on rocky outcrops northwest of Steinkopf.
The first three pictures were taken 5 Sept. 2010, the others on the same spot 30 Sept. 2011.