Orbea verrucosa

According to the literature, this species occurs from just west of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape to the Kei River in the Eastern Cape.
The pictures shown here however, were taken not fear east of Ladismith, extending the known distribution area 70-80 km westwards. The plants grow here in one of their typical habitats: on dry stony slopes among small bushes.
When you have a close look at the first two pictures, you will see that they are almost identical – but one is taken with ambient light and the other with flash. Can you see which is which and do you have a preference?



orbeverr 8241#2012-11-01-2-2

Flowering plants photographed 24 March 2011; plant in fruit: 1 November 2012

One thought on “Orbea verrucosa”

  1. In this instance I prefer the second which is I think taken with the flash. The colors vary so much but I can’t say either is always better.

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