Pelargonium hystrix (1)

Hystrix means porcupine in Greek and what a nice descriptive name that is for this plant. The stems are armed with spines, which in this case are in fact persistent stipules (outgrowths at the base of a leaf stalk).
The species occurs in the western part of the Karoo, from Calvinia in the north to Nougaspoort (halfway between Touwsrivier and Montagu) in the south. Usually the plants grow between and underneath bushes, sometimes in the open. The area receives mainly winter rain (100-200mm per year) and although it can become very hot in summer,
the winters are cool, usually with frost at night.




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Othonna euphorbioides

The specific epithet means looking like a Euphorbia and refers to the spines, which in reality are persistent petioles (leaf stalks). The plants occur in Namaqualand, from Kamieskroon to Steinkopf and further west. Their typical habitat is cracks in granite outcrops.






othoeuph Scan66

othoeuph Scan64

The last two pictures were made in cultivation.