Haworthia viscosa

Although rather variable, this species is easy to identify (H. nigra is the only other Haworthia in which the leaves are arranged in three ranks). The species is tall as Haworthias go: up to 30 cm. It is widely distributed from halfway between Laingsburg and Sutherland, throughout the central, eastern and southern Karoo and the Little Karoo, with an outlying habitat near Graaff-Reinet. In shade the plants are green, but one often encounters them in very arid places in full sun, where they usually become brownish, reddish or orange.

hawovisc 1708

hawovisc 2011-11-25_DSC7190

hawovisc 8282  2012-11-03

hawovisc 2011-05-04_DSC5555

hawovisc 4759

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