Quaqua mammillaris 1

I find it quite difficult to make a good picture of the flowers of this species. They are so dark that they seem to absorb all the available light and turn black in the picture. Under an overcast sky, with enough light but no sun, one can see that the flowers in fact are a beautiful very dark purple. The flowers appear in autumn and winter (March-June).
The species has the widest distribution of the whole genus -from Namibia to the Little Karoo. The plants are few and far in between, growing on stony flats and slopes; they may become up to 60 cm tall.

quaqmamm 2011-09-30e.v._DSC6780

quaqmamm 4677

quaqmamm 4673

quaqmamm 2010-03-28#037

quaqmamm 2010-03-28#039

More pictures to follow

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