Trip to Kenya

Since the early seventies I paid several visits to Kenya. Most of the northern part was unfortunately always out of bounds or at least very unsafe to visit. Over the years, I came to the conclusion that this beautiful and interesting part of the country was something I would never see. More recently things have improved in the sense that the brigands who used to roam the countryside have been brought under control.
Two of the friends I made a trip to Somaliland in the beginning of this year with, had tentative plans to visit northern Kenya later in the year, and when they invited me to join them I was obviously very temped.  At the same time I thought that at my age a trip like that would be too strenuous and difficult. When the invitation was repeated a few weeks ago, my dear wife convinced me that this was not only my first but probably also my last chance to see this wild and wonderful part of the world.
So, now I am about to leave for Cape Town, to catch a plane to Nairobi.
After my return I hope to share some stories and pictures with you.

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