Book on Baobabs

When I was in Madagascar last month, I came across a book called “Baobabs de Madagascar”. Although it was in French, which is not exactly my first language, I decided to buy it on the strength of the excellent photographs. The text is clear and to the point and the description of each┬áspecies is accompanied by ┬ádistribution maps and line drawings.
It is not often one comes across a book where the title promises less than the content delivers. This is one of those exceptions: in spite of the title, the two non-Madagascan species (Adansonia digitata from the African continent and A. gibbosa from Australia) are treated the same way as the six ones endemic to Madagascar.
So, all in all I’m very happy with this addition to my library. The only little drawback for me is that an English text is easier to digest than one in French. Therefore I was happy to find out that an English version will be published soon.
The following link will give you more details: