Ruschiella argentea (1)

In 2005, Cornelia Klak set up the genus Ruschiella to accommodate a couple of species of Lampranthus.
Up to then, the subject of this post was known as either L. argenteus, L. montaguensis or L. nardouwensis. The plants are shrublets up to about 25 cm tall, with greyish green leaves 17-20 mm long. The flowers are 19-23 cm across, with white to pinkish purple petals which have a more or less distinct mid stripe.
According to literature, the species occurs from Clanwilliam to Paarl and Montagu. The pictures in this post show that plants grow much further east, around Calitzdorp, but probably also belong to this species.

ruscarge 2009_10_31#006
ruscarge 2009_10_31#005
ruscarge 2009-11-06#134

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