In 1955, at the tender age of 13, I became interested in succulent plants. For many years I grew succulents in Holland, first as an amateur and later as a nursery man. Since 2001, I have had the privilege of living in an area of South Africa where interesting succulents grow almost on my doorstep and as I am retired, I have lots of time to study and photograph them.

I try to post at least one short two post per week and every now and then a longer article.This blog focuses on two areas of interest.
Firstly on anything that has to do with succulent plants, especially those occurring in South Africa and Madagascar.
Secondly on photographing plants, succulent or not, cultivated or growing in the wild.

It would be great to hear from you and learn what you are interested in. Therefore I invite you to share your ideas, suggestions, questions, comments and opinions with me and other readers.

The image gallery will show you some of my best pictures of succulent plants in alphabetical order.

Frans Noltee


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  1. Iam elated to find this site. I am interested in the plants of Southern Africa in particular. I love reading about the differnt Genera and species. This is definately the best site on the internet. You are a very lucky man to live among the plants you love.

  2. Frans,
    I am sorry I have not left a message before now.
    Just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy your blog.
    Great photographs that are inspirational and educational.
    Being a keen grower of succulents and South African bulbs, it has been an ambition of mine to visit South Africa for a long time, something I want to remedy in the next few years. Your images are fuelling my burning desire!
    Thank you for all your posts.

  3. I love your photographs! I found the blog because I am trying to identify a plant I photographed in the Karoo National Botanic Garden in Worcester, in the Western Cape Province. I am following! Perhaps you can tell me more about the plants on my blogsite?

    1. Good to hear you like my pictures and thanks for following my blog! I’m not sure what you would like me to do, but in principle I’d be happy to oblige if I can, so please elaborate.

  4. Your presentation, snapshots, ability to identify remarkable and unusual species makes for a very good read. Thanks for all the good effort on behalf of succulents everywhere. — The Healing Garden gardener

    1. Thank you for the kind thought, Rick. I really appreciate it! Unfortunately, accepting the nomination entails spending a lot of time that I would rather use for other things. Therefore I will pass up this opportunity to fame, hoping that you will be able to follow my reasoning. Thanks again and have a good weekend,

    2. I realized only just now that for some reason my reply had not gone through.. The gist of it was as follows:
      I feel very honoured by your nomination, but accepting it entails quite a bit of work and time I can ill afford at the moment. If the nomination can be put on hold, that would be fine. If not, I’m afraid I have to let it pass, thanking you for the kind thought. Have a good day. Frans

  5. We share a common interest, succulents, though from a somewhat different perspective. As I am living in North Florida, the few succulents I encounter are yuccas and aloe. From garden centers and my daughter’s neighborhood in San Francisco, I have collected over sixty varieties that I have growing in containers under eves and other protected places. Besides my attraction to their unusual structures and beauty, I guess the appeal is the challenge it takes to keep them thriving in the humidity and rain. I have proved that succulents can be enjoyed in the sub-tropics too, as my patio is decoratively arranged around the potted plants.

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