On edge (1)

Just for a change: just pictures and names. Hopefully a measure of inspiration will compensate for the lack of information.
Let’s start with some Crassula’s.
1     C. arborescens ssp. arborescens
2,3 C. barbata ssp. barbata
4     C. mesembryanthoides ssp. mesembryanthoides
5     C. nudicaulis v. platyphylla
6     C. perfoliata var. minor
7,8 C. perforata

crasarbo 0062

crasbarb 2010-07-29#108


crasmese..des 4983


crasperffal  Scan60

crasperf 1327

crasperf 2011-10-31 7005

Haworthia blackburniae var. blackburniae

If you are after sheer visual beauty, this species will not be high on your list. Nevertheless it is of great interest, because no other Haworthia looks quite like it. With their long narrow leaves (sometimes over 30 cm long) the plants could often easily be taken for clumps of grass.
They are found from the Calitzdorp area westward to Anysberg, usually on shaded -and therefore relatively cool and damp- southern slopes. In more open, drier and hotter spots, the plants stay much smaller, as you can see in the first three pictures.

hawoblac 2009-09-12#012

hawoblac 2010-07-18#007

hawoblac 2010-07-18#006

hawoblac 2011-04-17238

hawoblac 2011-04-17234

hawoblac 2011-04-17236