Pelargonium lobatum

Last week I  saw flowers of this species in the wild for the first time ever.  The pleasure was even greater because it was completely unexpected (according to the literature the flowers appear from September through November).
Pelargonium lobatum  is a geophyte with a very large,  woody tuber. The leaves lie more or less flat on the ground and are usually 3-lobed. They are extremely large: up to over 30 cm in diameter.
Up to 20 flowers are borne on a sturdy peduncle. They are usually dark purple to almost black with  dull greenish yellow margins and base.  At night they give off a clove or cinnamon scent.
The species occurs from Piketberg to Knysna on sandy flats and against hillsides.

pelaloba 2010-07-14#037

pelaloba 2010-07-14#024

pelaloba 0476

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