Begonia goudotii

Coming across this species was one of the highlights of my recent trip to northern Madagascar. It was not just the novelty of seeing a Begonia in the wild, but even more so the enormous contrast between the dainty flowers and their harsh and inhospitable surroundings.

This tuberous species is endemic to Madagascar and quite distinct because of its large basal leaves, which are usually solitary in the wild and may become over 60 cm in diameter.
The plants occur in deciduous forests, usually in limestone rock crevices, at altitudes between 100 and 250 m.

Pictures taken at Montagne des Francais near Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) 19 June 2016

begogoud 2209-Edit

begotube 2219-Edit

begotube 2223-Edit

begogoud 2210-Edit-2

begotube 2216-Edit

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