Ornithogalum sardienii

When I first saw these little beauties on a hillside on the outskirts of Calitzdorp I had no idea what they could be, but after some searching in my library I found the original description of the species by Ernst van Jaarsveld in Bradleya 1994. Although it has since been found in a few other places and is now known to occur from Calitzdorp in the west to De Rust in the east it is considered critically rare. It grows in the shade of shrubs and often forms dense clumps. The photograph was taken in the first week of May last year.


Crassula pyramidalis in flower

Crassula pyramidalis comes in many guises. Here we see some plants of one of the real dwarf forms.
They were first photographed using a reflector, to diminish the enormous contrast between the white flowers and the dark background. The second picture shows the situation as I found it. Both pictures have their pros and cons and it is nice to have these two different versions.