Crassula congesta (2)

In his revision of the genus Crassula (see yesterday’s post), Toelken makes the following remark with regard to the 2 subspecies: “…it is significant that each one can be identified without hesitation. No plants with intermediate characters have been recorded..”

To my mind, there is little doubt that the next picture shows ssp. congesta.

crascongcon  0595

But the plants in the next two ones look like intermediate forms to me.


crascong 2010-06-23#088

The last picture was taken just south of Calitzdorp and shows what I think is a hybrid between Crassula  congesta ssp. laticephala (which was not found on this particular spot, but does occur in the general area) and C. columnaris (which was growing close by).

crascoluXconglat 2011-07-27_DSC6176

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