On edge (1)

Just for a change: just pictures and names. Hopefully a measure of inspiration will compensate for the lack of information.
Let’s start with some Crassula’s.
1     C. arborescens ssp. arborescens
2,3 C. barbata ssp. barbata
4     C. mesembryanthoides ssp. mesembryanthoides
5     C. nudicaulis v. platyphylla
6     C. perfoliata var. minor
7,8 C. perforata

crasarbo 0062

crasbarb 2010-07-29#108


crasmese..des 4983


crasperffal  Scan60

crasperf 1327

crasperf 2011-10-31 7005

3 thoughts on “On edge (1)”

  1. Please go consider instagram it would go all over the world and lots of us in South Africa get these lovely pictures on our phones! You can do a write up on your picture with a GPS reference location. You make up your own #name (there are quite a few people who share their succulent pictures) Please please do this I beg you!
    My instagram name is #meetusinafricatours.

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