Adromischus caryophyllaceus

In contrast to their near relatives Cotyledon, Tylecodon and Kalanchoe, almost all Adromischus species have rather insignificant flowers.
This species is an exception with flowers  1.5 cm in diameter at the widest part (the biggest in the genus). They are white or pink, with a pink to purple midstripe on the lobes, and appear in summer and autumn  (Jan.- April).
The plants are up to 11 cm tall and to 14 cm in diameter, with leaves up to 3.5 cm long and to 2.3 cm wide.
They are widespread from Robertson to Uitenhage  and in the coastal plain south of the Little Karoo* , usually on sandstone slopes among bushes.

*The first picture  was taken at Cape Agulhas, Africa’s southernmost tip.

adrocary 1695

adrocary 2010-06-23#014

adrocary 2009-11-19#014

adrocary scan

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