Euphorbia mammillaris

The original E. mammillaris was known to occur from the Riversdale district in the west to the Oudtshoorn area in the east. The plants growing there look like the ones in the first 4 pictures. By the way, the 4th one was taken last Sunday at the Vrolykheid Nature Reserve between Robertson and McGregor, which is much further to the west.
Pictures 5 and 6 show plants from near Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. They represent what used to be called E. fimbriata, with rather narrower and more sinuous stems. This habit is an adaptation to the growing conditions there: a dense cover of bush (#5) or grass (#6) as opposed to the open habitats in the west.

euphmamm 1552
euphmamm 1553
euphmamm 1554
euphmamm 9201
euphmamm 8114#2012-10-25
euphmamm 8126

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